The profile update bug has been fixed

Dear community,

Some of you have reported issues when trying to update your Stacktical profile, especially your current and residential addresses. Our team has quickly identified and deployed a fix to ensure that these information can be modified. 🐞


Engineering repairs fast is a mission-critical aspect of good Customer Service. Teams around the world use MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) as a key performance indicator of their ability to fix bugs and handle service failures

We are very much looking forward to rewarding the hard work of support heroes with Stacktical and the DSLA token.


DSLA Token Sale Dashboard

Dear users,

We have started rolling out the DSLA Token Sale Dashboard to the Stacktical website. 🎉


Stacktical users will be able to apply to whitelisting, proceed with KYC/AML verifications and send their ETH contribution to our official Smart Contract as per our Stacktical Token Sale Terms and Conditions.

Along with the dashboard availability, this three step process will be thoroughly described in a separate post on our official blog.

🏁 It's happening !

Stacktical is listed on CoinSchedule

Hi dear community,

Stacktical is now listed on CoinSchedule! 🚀
Time to rock our latest banner designs!




Pre-Sale Whitelisting

Our official website has been updated.
We are now accepting public registration to the DSLA pre-sale whitelist!


The Stacktical one pager has been updated


After our deck, it's time to share an updated version of our official one pager. As you might be guessing, we are also working on the next iteration of our white paper, following the recent achievements of our engineering team.


The Stacktical deck has been updated

Hi dear community,

A quick update to inform you that the Stacktical deck has been updated and is available for download at this address.

See you at the token sale! 🚀

New Twitter handle


Our Twitter handle has been updated to @stacktical, time to update your bookmarks!


Whitepaper update v4.3.1

Dear community,

A quick update to inform you that the Stacktical DSLA White Paper has just been updated to v4.3.1. This new version includes updated team information, introduces a first wave of partners (more to come), as well as other minor corrections.

Please check out this link for details and brace yourselves for the upcoming v5.0.0 release! 🚨

Have a great day, W

The Stacktical website has been updated

Hello community,

It's been an exciting month between the WBF conference in London, the Berlin Blockchain Week and the ERC-725 alliance. As we're gearing up for more major announcements regarding the Stacktical platform and the DSLA token sale, our official website has been updated with pre sale information, a 1st wave of partners and more.


A new article is available on Medium

Hi folks,

🗞I have just updated our medium publication with my Decentralized Café input.

⌛️⌛️🛑 Feel free to check it out at

Today we're talking about "Dip" friendship.

See you soon 👋

PS: The DSLA token sale weekly update will be online soon.